Bette is the ageless boomer who is redefining growing older. Boomers aren’t easily identified by life stages; some are empty-nesters, some still have young children at home, some have college-age kids, some deal with aging parents daily. Many of us are reinventing ourselves into more interesting careers. Some of us are at our peak in our dream career. Few of us grasp the idea of “retirement.”

What we do indentify with is being younger at our current age than our parents were. We are vibrant, eager to learn, anxious to travel, and plan to enjoy the rest of our longevity road. We reject the terms old, old age, and simply cannot identify ourselves as seniors!

Because of our diversity, and the sheer numbers of our generation, we are poised to change the rules and perceptions of “aging.” We will make vastly different decisions from our parents, and along the way, seek resources to educate ourselves on all that is innovative for our generation.

This is Bette’s passion. You can trust to bring you the latest information for an ageless, productive, sustainable – you. Bette has a support team focused on researching products and services that are “best-in-class” to help boomers navigate the numerous life stages.

Bette will profile accomplished “spokesboomers” and encourages readers to share their views, request research on a topic, or suggest valuable tips. This site will evolve as we boomers transition through our agelessness.

Bette will inspire you to live well – because living well never gets old!