Kathleen Casey- Kirschling was born just after midnight on January 1, 1946, making her the first of the American baby boom generation.  We have to credit and thank journalist Landon Y. Jones (Wikipedia/Landon Jones) with her discovery.  He has profiled Kathy as she turned 40, 50, 60, and when she was the first boomer to file for Social Security.

Kathy is a complete delight to speak with, and I greatly enjoyed our impromptu conversation in which she shared her humble views on being a part of this dynamic generation. Here are some of the highlights of what Kathy believes:

  • Boomers are a high energy, “do’er” generation, and this will continue to be a priority as they age.
  • The giving spirit of the boomers is largely untapped and needs to be mobilized. (see Bette’s section on volunteerism)
  • Yes, we boomers really had it all – but, that’s because we worked hard for “it” (for all that we earned.) We worked for what we wanted and made things happened.
  • Boomers created the fitness craze and will stay in motion as fitness continues to be a big part of their lives.
  • This generation has been a great time to live; there have been challenges, but also wonderful advancements and achievements.
  • Even though our bodies may be aging, we boomers don’t FEEL old.
  • The older female boomers really paved the way for those that followed – women everywhere have benefited from more equality due to pioneer boomer women. Women knew they were (are) as good as any man!
  • We are more aware of our choices for eating well and living a healthy lifestyle, than perhaps our parents were.
  • Boomers grew up in a time that was more naïve and in many ways safer than today – this bred an independence and a sense of freedom that was, and is, so important to us.

Yes, Kathy is a true boomer. When we spoke, she had just returned from three days in Disney World with four grandsons under the age of ten! She rode all of the rides with them, and cherished every moment, exclaiming, “Grandkids really keep you going!” Kathy walks four miles every day, not just for the exercise, but because this helps her maintain a healthy balance in her life.

It seems so appropriate that this dynamic woman –  who revels in an active family life, has accomplished much, and enjoys what these efforts have brought her – would be the very first “spokesboomer!”