There are many ways to travel the world and create incredible memories with your kids or grandkids. We have profiled some fascinating companies (and will add many more) that assist you in planning such excursions in our Boomer- Adventure, and Progeny – Experiences that Rock sections. We will look more specifically at boomer travel trends in an upcoming blog.

We want to touch on another avenue for adventures – renting or exchanging a home. Some of the more popular and trusted sites are Homeaway, which owns (Vacation Rental by Owner) and,, and to name just a fraction of them.

These various sites provide different options.  You can trade your primary residence for a stay in someone else’s home at the same time. You can offer your second home for rental at open times that you specify, or travel to someone else’s fully furnished second home as available. You can even exchange your fractional residence week(s) for someone else’s fractional weeks or timeshare weeks.

We recently learned there is even a platform for sabbatical exchanges – Seemingly, the options are unlimited. It is advised that you do your homework, use a reputable site that can assure the home you are interested in does indeed exist and doesn’t set you up for a SNAD experience – “significantly not as described.”

We have spoken to many people who have traveled in this manner and they have predominantly been quite pleased. A family Christmas trip organized to Costa Rica in a VRBO home landed this contributor in a condominium that met every expectation. Traveling in this manner leaves one open to live in the local environment, explore surrounding areas with a home base, and create a home-like atmosphere for exhausted children.

The World Wide Web really could not have been more aptly named. It has opened up global opportunities that we only dreamt of in our earlier years of travel. The key is to research well and use a trusted resource. The offerings increase almost daily, so don’t be surprised when you find your kids have listed your couch on, or they have joined over 2 million travelers who have traveled to someone’s couch in a faraway land and appreciated some cross-cultural hospitality!

Living well includes traveling well!