Imagine being an active, healthy boomer centenarian. In our Boomer – Vitality section, we previously reviewed The Longevity Prescription: The 8 Proven Keys to a Long, Healthy Life, by Robert N. Butler, M.D., considered the “father of geriatric medicine.”  The takeaway new message there was that each individual has the capability to control health and well-being in the three-decade dividend or bonus years. Those who age well don’t do so accidentally. Rather, it is the achievement of deliberate action to “embrace longevity”.

No one wants to live longer without a strong body and clear mind, and an active, full-tilt physical lifestyle is a key to reaching a healthy and robust 100 years. In our review of The Roadmap to 100 – The Breakthrough Science of Living a Long and Healthy Life, we explore gerontologist and Stanford Medical School professor, Dr. Walter Bortz and co-author Randall Stickrod’s elaboration on new science and a 30-year longitudinal study of centenarians. They illustrate how genetics plays a smaller role in aging than previously thought, and how senility, dementia, and other diseases of the elderly are preventable and not an inevitable consequence of aging. They emphasize that engagement through sexual relationships, social interaction, and professional activity is key to living long, healthy lives; and that physical fitness can recover at least 30-years of aging. Dr. Bortz and Stickrod agree with Dr. Butler that whole-life happiness balances physical health with emotional well-­being. No matter what your age, there are ways to enhance your longevity through healthy behaviors and Dr. Bortz and Stickrod encourage, “start today.”

We think of Dr. Bortz as a supersenior, who has paved the road for us to realize our potential as superboomers! We especially like how Dr. Bortz dares himself to be 100! Find more about anti-aging and longevity by checking out his website with great information like The Steps to 100. To get there, like the ad says, you “just do it” and once there, keep on doing it!

Boomers live well by renewal and recharging through meaningful work, staying in the mainstream and never retiring from life. And, like Dr. Bortz, we’ll be out there walking the talk on the Steps to 100 becoming those who reach an additional decade of longevity, the “super-centenarians” who epitomize that living well never gets old!

We’ll be talking more soon about our predecessors, amazing superseniors, out there still actively “doing it.”