Boomer marketing sites are loaded with statistics. One that pops up repeatedly about boomer spending is that we account for 80% of luxury travel dollars.

We have examined some trends in luxury travel and it seems that “sight-doing” is certainly replacing sightseeing. We have profiled several companies in our Boomer- Adventure section that offer travel experiences that engage the traveler in an active and participatory way.

Several other boomer priorities seem to support this trend in travel choices: connecting with kids and grandkids, giving back, and staying active.  Boomer parents want to expose their kids and grandkids to experiences that will leave lasting impressions. They want to share educational adventures with them such as Jean Michel Cousteau’s group offers at Ocean Futures, knowing that any travel with kids has to override the draw of constant online engagement, video game playing, and social media updates.

Tom DeMartine, CEO Seven Seas Group,Inc. reports that, “80% of our clients are Boomers. Many started out with Sailing Yachts, then as their families grew they moved to more spacious Catamarans. Now we are seeing clients in their 60’s move toward Motoryachts so they have more time to relax, and lots of room for family.”

The desire to give back is likely more an American trait than boomer-specific. We are a fortunate society as a whole and allow empathy and altruism to guide us.  Voluntourism has taken hold and grows annually. The choices span an incredibly wide range of options and need not involve sleeping on a mat or carrying your own water from the well.

As mentioned in our profile of Baobab Expeditions, one can expect luxury and an excursion that includes “Dian Fossey and the Big 5.″ Choosing to travel with a company that is seriously committed in giving back, especially to the area in which they expose adventurers, is becoming commonplace.

We would like to hear about your latest adventure. Was it an active pursuit? Yes, cycling through the wine country qualifies. Was there an opportunity to give back, learn about regional issues, share your knowledge or expertise? Did you travel in comfort? Were your horizons broadened? As we explore more travel options to share with you, we would like your interests to guide us.