We hear constant stories about boomers being caregivers, whether to assist a sibling post surgery, a parent with dementia, or a wife being treated for breast cancer. Some boomers have barely been relieved of caring for the daily needs of their children, before this new role kicks in.

Nancy Gibbs recently wrote a piece in Time highlighting “The Coping Conundrum.” Gibbs does a great job in comparing the inverse relationship of providing care for our teens and our elders. We give our teens more and more freedom, and we take away the freedoms our parents cherish – driving the car, handling their own money, living in their own home.

We have provided some resources for helping caregivers to cope with their new responsibilities in our Parents – Care section. Gail Sheehy’s book, Passages in Caregiving : Turning Chaos into Confidence, and her website are also quite helpful. Sheehy chronicles her years coping with her husband’s illness and eventual death.

We recently reviewed Compassion Fatigue.org, whose mission it is to provide awareness and education to caregivers of all kinds, professional and family, so that they can learn and implement healthy care giving practices and still provide quality care to others.

We will be doing much more research on this topic and value your input. What resources can you share for caregivers? Do you have any experience with the ones we have already highlighted?