Yesterday, we highlighted what is working and what more can be done to improve awareness regarding nutritious choices and the need for physical activity.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions and CDC state-based programs are in place to address this alarming problem.  Because kids are more sedentary, schools use innovation to interest them in exercise, which conversely can mean screen time.  As we mentioned, some schools broadcast Nintendo Wii “exergames” in classrooms and afterschool programs to make exercise more attractive to kids.  In addition, schools also are using psychology to entice kids to make healthier food choices. The Ad Council and USDA have teamed up to promote healthy eating for kids. And, our communities are doing more to connect local food producers and consumers through education and outreach.

We can eat our way to health by making healthy food choices.  However, maintaining optimum wellness includes a physical life, as well. We have provided many resources on boomers staying fit, but what about our kids and grandkids. Are we doing what it takes to inspire them to choose active habits? First, are we setting the right example? Second, have we made the right resources available to them?

Please read the full blog.  We’d love to hear your comments, and about any resources for our progeny that we can share with our boomer community.