Reinvention stories abound and we’ve written about those who have achieved it. While endless numbers of boomers are doing so, even our entrepreneurial boomer kids are reinventing themselves at early stages of their lives.

We recently saw an article in CNET News about a new venture called “Back to the Roots.” Midas-like, University of California business school graduates and “accidental farmers” Alex Valez and Nikhil Arora are transforming coffee grounds into food. Their “Easy-To-Grow Mushroom Garden” kits are distributed in stores throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Whole Foods stores across the U.S. The mushroom-coffee grounds waste is transformed back into fertile compost which is both sold, and donated to urban agriculture farm programs in the Bay Area. We’ve written a lot about nutrition and the farm to table and locavore movements. “Back to the Roots” is a win-win for sustainability and our planet.

We boomers believe in setting an example for our progeny; in this case Valez and Arora are examples for us of living meaningful lives.