It seems the only way to combat the ever-advancing commercialization of Christmas is to hunker down and start planning in the safety of your – hopefully still undecorated – home.

Only due to shipping schedules and decision-making timelines are we offering some ideas on gift-giving for this holiday season. There are so many online shopping resources and discounts to be used whether you are e-shopping or braving the stores. We will highlight where to find some of the best bargains in a future blog.

At this point, we think considering that very special gift for a child or grandchild should be the focus. We have posted reviews for many sustainable gifts in our Progeny-Cool Stuff section for you to peruse. Our latest discoveries are Lilliput Play Homes, Mountain Boy Sleds, House of Staunton, and Anne Geddes.

Lilliput Play Homes is the premier designer of luxurious and distinctive children’s play homes and is the industry leader in heirloom quality craftsmanship. Truly, these gifts last a lifetime and provide immeasurable memories.

For those of us in northern climes, it appears winter is on its way. We boomers enjoyed sleds that lasted through our childhood and are heirlooms now. If you cannot put your hands on yours, it may be time to invest for your progeny and Mountain Boy Sleds has the answer. They offer a variety and craftsmanship that is not easy to find at the big box store.

The same is true of House of Staunton. The House of Staunton manufactures the world’s finest chess sets, boards, and boxes and their Staunton pattern is the standardized hallmark of modern chess. Were you thinking chess was a thing of the past? Not so, the kids in your life may even have access to learning chess through their school. The United States Chess Federation at provides a wealth of information on College Scholarships available for chess players as well as Chess Clubs throughout the U.S.

Most of you likely have heard of Anne Geddes. However, you may not be aware that she has a retail store in the U.S. now, and has published a new book – Beginnings, as well as a related documentary. Anne’s eye for capturing the joy of babies is unprecedented. Boomer parents and grandparents can reflect on the special moments that infants inspire by viewing any one of her photographs.

You will find our full review for the play homes, sled and chess companies in our Progeny – Cool Stuff section. We have profiled Anne Geddes in our Boomers – Lifestyle section, as it seems her work speaks to us directly, as an indirect result of our love, care and fascination with the babies of our lives.