With Christmas well on the way, we believe in gifting something practical that helps our golden agers lead independent lives. Bette’s passion is identifying resources for both boomers and their parents and grandparents as they navigate through their agelessness, and there are a myriad of online sites which should make this year’s shopping a snap. Also, there are scads of age-related technologies available now. While some technologies seems to complicate life more, we’ve reviewed genuinely effective and useful gadgets like electronics, mobility aids, tracking services and luxury items in the marketplace that make extraordinary gifts.

Let’s start with options to make your parent or grandparent tech-savvy and independent. Start with giving a computer if they don’t already have one and help get it up and running with a tutorial and computer classes. Once they have a computer, we like this easy to use software program www.famililink.com that includes them in the “digital loop.” It’s a great way to introduce them to simple e-mail and picture sharing.

Health aids like simple devices for monitoring blood pressure or blood sugar are easy gift ideas. Our non-active seniors might have special needs or limited abilities. At The Scooter Store, you’ll find electric scooters to help provide freedom and independence to loved ones with limited mobility. We especially like the Celebrity X Electric Scooter that is luxurious, stylish and loaded with features, and has no impact on our planet.

For simplicity seekers, Jitterbug cell phones, cell phone service, and even text messaging and real time updates are exactly that – simple. Your older loved one will appreciate the large text, bigger buttons and powerful speakerphones on these amazing cell phones.

Other cool products and handy gadgets can be found at the Gold Violin. The search for innovative gifts for graying boomers and golden agers is on your fingertips. Unique and nifty products infuse this site with a sense of optimism and elegance. We love the stylish and hand-painted walking canes.

We expect the dominance of aging boomers in the marketplace to produce more and more goods targeted at this demographic. Expect more legible mobile phone displays, bigger and brighter road signs, hearing aids that look like Bluetooth ear pieces, and more.

Your loved one will think you’re a Christmas angel for unusual and practical gifting. After all, we all want them to live well while they live longer…and even learn some new tricks along the way!