The conversation on how and when to deal with aging drivers continues. USA Today has an article today about boomers speaking with their parents about this difficult subject.

They note that by 2040 one in five Americans will be over the age of 70, it was only one in ten in 2000. While we boomers are thrilled about the prospect of living longer, we need to begin dealing with the consequences – first for our parents, then for ourselves.

The USA Today article touches on some of the same points we highlighted and adds a few. Successfully dealing with the deterioration of the driving skills of an aging loved one  hinges on:

  1. Starting the dialog- no matter how difficult this is. Doing so with an true sensitivity to the issues of control and an expectation of defensiveness.
  2. Watch for warning signs. No one wants a tragedy to be the impetus for the conversation.
  3. Establish reductions as a first step – i.e. determine safer times and and places to drive (no highway, only daytime…etc.)
  4. Seek other forms of transportation – explore options to make the transition more palatable.

This is NOT easy. We would love to hear about your experiences.