www.50plus.org 50 Plus Or Lifelong Fitness Alliance

It is never too early or late to be healthy and fit.

Lifelong Fitness Alliance has been dedicated to improving health and wellness for over 30 years. Fifty-Plus Fitness (renamed Lifelong Fitness Alliance) was formed in 1979 by a group of regular runners taking part in a Stanford research study on the effects of exercise on older people’s health, and to encourage older adults to run regularly. In 1990, the focus of the organization expanded to promoting all aspects of fitness including walking. This broadened the appeal of the organization and helped to grow its membership.

In 2007, a pilot Fitness Ambassador program was launched in Palo Alto, CA in which 100 people participated in a 10-week walking program. Participants reported lowered blood pressure, weight loss, and less need for medication among other healthy changes in their daily lives. Ambassadors encouraged their participants to keep walking and to maintain their changes after the program ended. This led to the current Stepping Strong program that is now offered nationwide to people of all ages.  In collaboration with AARP and the Stanford Health Improvement Program, individuals and communities step up their overall wellness through peer support and goal setting. Ambassadors are leaders and the liaison between their walking group and the LFA, and each member receives a manual full of health and wellness topics such as nutrition tips, brain fitness, and the importance of sleep. They also receive a pedometer and tracking calendar to chart their fruit and vegetable intake as well as daily steps with the pedometer.

If you are interested in joining a Stepping Strong group or forming your own group, there is nothing to stop you now.  Just let your fingers do the walking this time, click on www.50plus.org and  move proactively down that road to increased wellness and health.