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Travel to the ends of the earth!

Arctic Odysseys, founded in 1976, is the pioneer of High Arctic travel featuring quality small group formats that appeal to wildlife, birding, photography, native cultures, and adventure enthusiasts. Their superior experience, unique programs, once-in-a-lifetime destinations, and 34 years of customer satisfaction keep them recognized as the leader in the field of Arctic experiences. Arctic Odysseys’ philosophy is to enter the Arctic only as guests without being intrusive of the host culture, privacy, and natural environment. They apply this commitment to every element of each trip, and Odyssey travelers are thoroughly briefed to be sensitive to the nuances of their host.

To those who are intrigued with the mystique of the Arctic, Arctic Odysseys offers access to extraordinary places rich in dramatic scenery that excite the senses. Small group, private, pre-packaged, and custom tours take you to the North Pole, Baffin Island, Pond Inlet and Bylot Island, Ellesmere Islands, the Arctic Archipelago, Great Slave Lake, Northwest Passage, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alaska, British Columbia and the San Juan Islands, Spitsbergen, Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica Cruises, South Pole flights, Arctic Canada, and Russia.WOW!

Boomers can voyage aboard one of the world’s most powerful icebreakers that will place you on top of the world 90° north at the Geographic North Pole. This journey penetrates the remote world of the frozen Arctic Ocean with a full program of lectures by noted Polar experts. Leisure time amenities include a basketball court, heated swimming pool and gourmet international cuisine. Or, experience a Yacht Cruise of the wild coast of Newfoundland-Labrador, the land of myths and legends, first inhabited by Viking explorers with mountain ranges containing some of the oldest exposed rock on the planet and sheer walls soaring 5,000 feet out of the ocean!  How about reindeer sledding through the heart of Siberia, kayak the Canadian High Arctic, ski the North Pole, or trek the north coast of Baffin Island!

Whatever you decide, this incredible website has journeys that will astound even the adventuresome by offering exciting alternatives to the commonplace. Introduce yourselves to the Arctic as it really exists and become one of the fortunate forever changed by the spirit of the land of the midnight sun.