According to Laurie M. Orlov, founder of Aging in Place Technology Watch, 10 million seniors live alone; perhaps your parent(s) is one of them. Technologies that serve the needs of those wishing to stay in their homes as they age are growing exponentially. One new comer to the scene is BeClose, a company that specializes in monitoring the living patterns of your loved one in their home.

BeClose offers a series of sensors that monitor and track movement in the home. Some monitors are made for under the cushion of a favorite chair, some for under the mattress and others to sense movement in rooms, or the opening/closing of a door or cabinet. This may seem like “Big brother is watching,” but the seniors who have installed them find the sense of security exactly what they need to continue their independent lifestyle.

Mary Manson, one of BeClose’s earliest pilot cases, has monitors throughout her home and finds comfort in knowing that, after her husband passed away at the end of last year, her children have a watchful eye over her through BeClose. “Living alone after a lifetime with someone near you is very different,” she says of her new independence. “It’s nice knowing that my children have a sense of what’s going on daily here, even though they live so far away.” If a senior living alone should feel the need for immediate help or assistance, there is the BeClose Button option, which one pushes in a true medical emergency.

The president of the company, Liddy Manson, is passionate about launching a new product that addresses family interconnectedness. A resource that gives grown up children who are now caregivers to their parents and relatives, a real sense of confidence and security using state-of-the-art digital alarm technology available today (Alarm.com is BeClose’s technology partner). Manson, can monitor her mom from hundreds of miles away, receive email notifications if a normal pattern is not occurring, or login to the BeClose dashboard for her account and receive real-time data. Her siblings can also share in this information.

If you struggle with the distance that separates you and your loved one, this may be the perfect answer. BeClose offers a way to have peace-of-mind that your loved one is thriving in their daily routines and still doing well with the independent living they so cherish.