If you have just faced that “oh no” moment in time of taking first-time steps as a family caregiver, it helps to know you don’t stand alone at this difficult crossroads.

Caring.com was created to help you care for aging parents and other loved ones. Their mission is to provide information and other resources needed to make better decisions, save time, and feel more supported. Most boomer caregivers still work in demanding jobs and many are sandwiched between generations, caring for both parents and children. It can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. This user-friendly website offers practical information, easy-to-use tools, and personal support because nearly all of their staff has faced this moment in time, as well. They know the day-in, day-out concerns of care giving, and they’re dedicated to offering advice from trusted experts in geriatric medicine, legal matters, finances, housing, and family issues, as well as connecting you to a like-minded community of caregivers.

So many questions and decisions: How to pay? What to know about talking to doctors, drawing up legal papers, resolving family conflicts, touring care facilities, turning to hospice, planning a funeral? So much stress, guilt, fatigue and fear. It’s confusing to wade through the wide and complex array of available products out there. Caring.com doesn’t sell products, but does help you make informed choices and better purchase decisions through their vast library of thoroughly researched articles. By registering on the site and creating your profile, you can tailor the content you see to your specific needs.

We recommend www.caring.com because they are a trusted resource created by caregivers for caregivers where you can find accessible information relevant to your needs.