– Pali Adventures

My, how summer camp has changed!

Today, kids can choose from a plethora of instructional camps that make the experience a whole lot more than sleeping bags and s ‘mores. At Pali Adventures in the mountains of Southern California, the choices range from Hollywood Stunt camp, culinary institute camp, make-up artist camp, to secret agent camp – and that is just a fraction of the fun-filled choices. Daily electives include anything from ATV adventures, water trampoline, climbing wall, to a zipline!

This is a far cry from the dusty cabins in the woods we may recall, but this solid dose of excitement is sure to overpower any cell phone addiction and is healthier than any “textercise!” – at least for the week or two that the kids are engaged.

Check out the full platter of fun shown in their many videos at Pali Adventures website.

www.internaldrive.com – Internal Drive

Ever dream you’re wandering through a shop and everything is marked free to geeks?  If so, you’ve landed where geek camps are in geekdom heaven!

iD is calling all student geeks to “ignite their internal drivers.”  Launched in 1999, this family-owned company in California’s Silicon Valley offers summer tech camps for geeks ages 7-18 at top universities in the U.S. and Canada.  Each summer season is loaded with brand new real-world curriculum and technology inspired by the industry’s heavy hitters – Adobe®, Apple®, HP®, and Microsoft®. Carefully selected and trained staff teach unique, stimulating courses including 3D video game design, web design, Flash®, programming, robotics, video editing and more at universities like Stanford, UCLA, Northwestern Princeton and MIT.  Students take away cool life and techie skills that last long after summer camp ends. This site is Bette’s top pick for obtaining world class academic geek cred!