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Eartheasy is your ultimate resource for adopting and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. The founder, Greg Seaman and two of his sons, Ben and Aran work together to present the most relevant information for improving your quality of life, and treading more lightly on the earth as you go.

Their website is a wonderful resource for products ranging from everything sustainable for the garden, to safe pet products, to the best ways to lower your cost of living and reduce consumption of resources in your home. They provide an enormous amount of research to support their solutions-based approach. You can learn to make “The Simplest Homemade Beer,” all about earth-friendly boat maintenance, or inexpensive ways to “passively cool” your home.

The ease of navigating their site helps one feel that living a sustainable life is not difficult or costly. They offer small steps to take you from square one to whatever your individual consumption goals may be. They cover the topics of “live – grow – eat – play – wear -move – give.” You will find not just the motivation to make additional sustainable steps in your life, but also tips and products to assist you in doing so at