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Founded in 2002 in Los Angeles, GTX Corp, winner of the prestigious 2010 People’s Choice Award for Most Innovative Connected Location Device, presented the GPS Smart Shoe, which houses the GPS (location) in one shoe and the wireless transmitter (cell) in the partner shoe. This allows balanced weight and always-on wireless communication (called nana technology; a word play on nanotechnology, but for senior wanderers.)  If your child or senior wander more than a pre-set distance, the parent/caregiver immediately receive an alert on a Smartphone or computer with a direct link to Google Maps, plotting the wanderer’s exact location in real time. The tracking coordinates can be monitored on laptops, cell phones, and PDAs. The company also owns and operates the LOCiMOBILE, Inc (social network location apps) for Smartphones and Code Amber Alertag (missing children alert).

The idea for the GPS Smart Shoe came about during the Elizabeth Smart case (young girl kidnapped from her Utah bedroom in 2004; held for 9 months before rescue). GTX Corp CEO, Patrick Bertagna, wanted to create a way to locate missing children easily and conveniently through footwear. Since then, the idea evolved to incorporate seniors who wander, pets and high value assets. “Up to 60% of individuals with Alzheimer’s may become lost at least once; 70% of those will become lost more than once; 46% of wanderers may DIE if not found within 24 hours.” Andrew Carle – George Mason University College of Health & Human Services, October 2010.

The GPS Smart Shoes are perfect for wandering seniors because as memory diminishes, they tend to remove other devices, such as ankle, wrist and waist monitoring devices, as they see them as unfamiliar. Shoes remain a part of their “procedural memory” even when they don’t recognize their own family; they remember to stay dressed and wear shoes. Many memory challenged seniors are in good physical condition but are confined to a room or a house, so when given a chance to walk about – they’ll take it.

With Alzheimer’s patients expected to quadruple in the next 40 years, the GPS Smart Shoe will be a godsend to boomers of wandering parents. The GPS Smart Shoe technology will save thousands from injuries and death due to exposure, accidents and criminal activity and will reduce the manpower drain on local agencies, fire, police and welfare agencies.

This cool technology is scheduled to be in stores early 2011 – the GPS Smart Shoe will be available from www.foot.com and www.gpsshoe.com.