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Habihut – a little startup with a big dream.

This village in a box was developed as a shelter alternative for developing countries. Out of a common interest in sustainable living, the Habihut partners see this new venture as an opportunity to give back and feel they are making a difference – the idea of doing good while doing well.  Innovative creative thinking and a positive attitude reflect that of the boomer generation.

The HabiHut is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective shelter that provides a rigid modular shelter that is secure and strong. This innovative solution was created to provide shelter in places where valuable natural resources are limited and the need for quick, durable and sustainable housing is required.  Compared to existing humanitarian shelters, the HabiHut introduces a novel alternative.  Multiple HabiHuts can be attached to one another to create expanded living space and task-oriented rooms such as sleeping quarters or food preparation and storage. This expandable footprint capability also can create clusters or communities – instant schools, hospitals, medical clinics, churches and libraries. The HabiHut also is an effective solution for non-humanitarian shelter purposes including installation for military, security, government, park services, camps, hospitality and recreation.

Hubihut’s current focus is securing funding to build a village in Vumilia, Kenya. This entire village will fit in one shipping container and can be erected in a week. They are also providing pilot programs for water kiosks in Kenya. In addition, they are awaiting a “hurricane test” before finalizing pending deals in Haiti.

Located in Montana, Habihut is on the cusp of potentially solving a major crisis in housing and clean water in developing countries.  While doing so, they are expanding their personal horizons from Montana to the world. To learn more, check out this website – www.thehabihut.com, or the recent New York Times article about Habihut.