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“Roughly 40% of all seniors will fall each year. In the U.S. alone, this accounts for 12 million seniors each year. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, falls account for 70% of the accidental deaths in the elderly population.” PRNNewswire January 2010

Halo Monitoring Inc is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, was co-founded in 2009 by Charig Patel and Chris A. Otto because of frustration and fear about the safety of Chris’ grandmother who was experiencing frequent falls while living alone. The company developed two devices which deliver accurate, reliable and easy to use fall detection without having to push a button. When activated, the devices immediately notify designated family/caregivers and emergency personnel.

“In 141 falls among elderly seniors where a medical alarm system was installed and in use, 80% of the seniors did not activate the alarm” (yikes! 4 out of 5).  British Medical Journal November 2008.

Why not push a button for help? There were various reasons cited: difficulty activating the alarm (too traumatized or unconscious); not wearing the pendant or monitor; or choosing not to activate the alarm mostly because of fear of hospitalization or to avoid embarrassment.

Halo Monitoring, Inc. offers myHalo Clip, a wearable transmitter that clips onto a belt or pant waistband and is equipped with state of the art fall detection technology using sensors and advanced motion signal processing technology. This advanced technology detects the fall even if your loved one is not in a horizontal position but is propped against a wall or furniture. The device can be worn 24/7 even when reclining in a chair or lying in bed. It also detects and transmits information about steps and activity levels. A fall generates an alert by e-mail, text messaging, or phone and if required, emergency personnel go to the fall site immediately.

“I was so proud that I had myHalo on. I was getting out of my car and slipped on the ice…myHalo was able to get someone to help me get up. I was grateful for having myHalo on that cold night.” L. Zierdt (age 87)

myHalo Complete incorporates the fall detection and sensors of the myHalo device, but also detects elevated temperature, extended elevated pulse rate, heart rate, activity level, and sleep patterns. The myHalo Complete device is a comfortable, water resistant chest strap transmitter (goes around the chest) worn under clothing 24/7. Both devices transmit wirelessly, via a standard telephone or the internet, to a 24/7 professional call center and the information is displayed on a password-protected secure website for remote monitoring of  loved one’s vital signs and activity by family/caregiver from anywhere in the world.  myHalo Complete notifies family/caregiver if the device is not being worn or if the battery needs recharging. Health problems or a fall automatically generate an alert by e-mail, text messaging, or phone, including notifying emergency personnel who will go to the fall site immediately. This device has an iPhone application.

“I live by myself. myHalo Complete is my security to live alone forever instead of going to a nursing home. I can go to bed at night and I always have a silent friend with me, day or night. That independence is worth more than anything money can buy” B. Allen (age 77)

The devices work within a range of 300 yards, will cover a 3000 square foot home, and frequently the unit can be placed to include walking to the mail box or working in the garden. Both devices have a panic button.