www.happygreenbee.com – Happy Green Bee

Safe and sustainable, soft, stretchy, super-silly and simply sensational styles!

Happy Green Bee is an all-organic clothing line created exclusively for kids. Roxanne Quimby, mother, designer, and lifelong environmentalist founded Happy Green Bee after selling the multimillion-dollar company Burt’s Bees that she co-founded with her partner, Burt. With the proceeds of the sale, Roxanne funded two foundations. The first, awards grants to nonprofit organizations in support of the environment and the arts and the second, an operating foundation, owns and maintains 70,000 acres of wilderness in the northern woods of Maine.

Careful boomer parents and grandparents want organic cotton that does not use petroleum-based fertilizers that pollute the food chain, and is not treated with pesticides that cause chronic illnesses. Eco-boomers know that natural organic cotton is breathable, sustainable, and safe for all the planet’s creatures. Happy Green Bee’s line of organic clothing is made with non-toxic dyes and no chemical bleaches or finishers.  In addition, Happy Green Bee products are made in fair-trade-certified factories.

The adorable line of bright colors ranging from bee-striped footed or footless tights, pixie pants, calypso pants, 3-tiered sprite skirts,  A-Line sundresses which include a reversible line, tunics and hoodies – both reversible, and  the insanely cute socks will please any discerning parent. Children transform into an instant eco-fashionistas. Check out the “Mom’s on the Go” kit under the section entitled gifts,  which includes trial -size samples of eco-friendly laundry detergent, home-made diaper ointment,  calendula oil, herbal room spray, a keepsake tooth-fairy tin, a read-aloud book, and a grow your own apple tree kit for wanna-bee Johnny and Janey Appleseeds (pun intended)! Now that is cool!

We recommend this delightful, user-friendly, top-of-the-line organic and ecologically responsible website, whose commitment to the health and well-being of our children’s future is outstanding.