Some technology seems to complicate life more. “Simplicity seekers” need to look no further. Jitterbug has cornered the market on making cell phones, cell phone service, and even text messaging and real time updates exactly that – simple.

We would like to share just some of the benefits to these sleek phones, and encourage you to navigate their straightforward website to find out more.

  • An operator is available to you 24/7. They can provide directory assistance, add to your contact list, update the live “My world” feeds you receive, or simply connect you to anyone you need to talk to. This seems like the next best thing to a personal assistant!
  • LiveNurse service offers 24-hour access to real, registered nurses anytime to answer a health-related question.
  • Text messaging service that draws from the Jitterbug library of pre-written messages, enables you to avoid the dreaded “triple tap” often required to type in a return text message.
  • Their exclusive partnership with the American Heart Association means that $10 is donated  when you buy the special “Go Red for Women” phone, and you receive daily text messages with heart-healthy tips directly from the AHA.
  • The “Wellness Call” free service provides interactive and progressive calls from world-renown wellness expert, Dr. Brian Alman. These calls provide personal tips and solutions for relaxation, motivation and overall well-being.
  • “My World” service removes the need for expensive and confusing data plans and allows users to receive real-time updates on subjects of their choice, such as sports, weather, stocks, trivia…etc.

Conversing with VP Marketing, Bill Yates, confirms that there are forward-thinkers out there making every effort to address our needs. Wireless simplicity is a void that grows larger as more electronic options are generated, but shrinks a bit whenever products like the Jitterbug hit the marketplace.