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A Motivational Program for Advance End-of-life Planning.

In an effort to combat the intestate problem, co-founders Marilyn Geary and Jacqueline Janssen hold gatherings called “LeaveLight Circles” based on the book LeaveLight: Plan and Practice Your Way to a Happier, Healthier, and Longer Life. LeaveLight’s mission is to enhance and foster well-being through spiritual and material end-of- life planning.

LeaveLight’s planning process helps alleviate fears and makes this process a journey of personal growth and discovery. They help integrate the spiritual and practical aspects of end-of-life planning and provide tools to lead you through a progression following the seasons and the earth’s natural elements.

The LeaveLight Circle™ consists of a small group of people with the common goal of completing end-of-life planning in a nurturing setting. Through the supportive group process, you complete your advance planning, gain clarity and confidence, let your loved ones know your choices, and create a legacy of your memories. LeaveLight Certified Facilitators foster an awareness of the natural cycle-of-life. They include teachers, coaches, clergy, trainers, therapists, and human resource specialists who encourage you through sensitive, confidential, and deep conversation to work through obstacles to planning completion.

Sally Shannon completed the program shortly before she had a major accident and ended up requiring all sorts of assistance during her health crisis and recovery. Sally is quite passionate about the “great organizational momentum” this planning process created in her life. She offered, “When you know where things are and you have easy access to them – you experience huge stress relief.”

LeaveLight Circles are available in five Northern California Counties, and is a service that likely will, and should, spread nationwide.