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Royal Philips Electronics is a world leader in healthcare, cardiac care, acute care and home healthcare monitoring systems. They integrate technologies, human insights and clinical expertise to improve patient outcomes, thus lowering the burden on the healthcare system through better quality healthcare delivery at lower costs.

One of their products, the Lifeline System, is a secure, personal, medical alert, emergency service for seniors, caregivers and the disabled, and is a trusted partner of hospitals, doctors, nurses and caregivers. Dependability provides that peace of mind we, as boomers, want for our aging parents, and this system is user-friendly, with ultra-easy options.

Select the Classic Pendant Personal Help Button, styled like understated jewelry and worn around the neck on a sturdy, adjustable-length cord (not a breakaway) for easy accessibility. It can be worn in the shower, where falls often occur, and is waterproof – weighing less than ½ ounce. Alternatively, choose the Auto Alert Pendant with all the features of the Classic Pendant, plus an additional feature that automatically calls for help when a fall is detected and the button was not pushed. Another option is the Cordless Phone Communicator that features voice extension, easier-to-hear conversations, easier-to-read displays, easier-to-dial buttons, an additional handset and charger, and a personal help button. Sense and simplicity accomplished.

The Slimline Personal Help Button can be worn as a wristband or as a pendant, which is accessible by either hand and is waterproof.  And, the CarePartner Communicator features remote answering, volume control, voice assist, external antenna, inactivity timer, and red help button.

It’s worth your time to explore this website for the peace of mind the products can offer. These products simplify lives and help to preserve the independent living of our loved ones.