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You can outsmart your age and be in control of your brain health…
How? By playing games. Marbles: The Brain Store, offers products designed to stimulate and strengthen the brain – products vetted by scientists, physicians, psychologists, and therapists for memory, critical thinking, coordination, visual perception and word skills. Research now shows along with physical activity and diet, staying mentally active helps fight the natural effects of aging. Neurons in your brain continue to grow as you age through a process called neurogenesis. All you have to do is give them proper stimulation.

So where to start? The Brain Games and Challenges Section is a great place to enhance your brain health with riddles, brain teasers, trivia questions, and free printable crossword puzzles. Marbles categorizes products for mental stimulation, physical exercise and diet. This site is loaded with information and includes brain fitness software, brain education books, and gift bundles categorized for your favorite wordsmith, puzzler, trickster, card shark, trivia nut and more. The self assessment, Health Barometer, is a good tool for use as a starting point to learn how different factors in your life impact your brain health. Not sure what you’re looking for? Brain Coaches are available to help you find the right brain-building activity. Marbles also hosts various educational events at their brick and mortar store in downtown Chicago.

We recommend this site for offering innovative products, information and resources to keep your neurons active – through play!