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The thrill of a hill is calling!

Silverton, CO is one of the highest towns in the U.S. at 9,305 feet (2,836 m) above sea level in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. High-minded inspiration in this former silver mining camp resulted in the founding of Mountain Boy Sledworks in 2002. Former writer, editor and now president, woodworker and self-proclaimed sledding fanatic, Brice Hoskin has made Mountain Boy into the U.S.’s premier maker of handmade wooden sleds.

Mountain Boy Sledworks minimizes the impact of all of their operations on the environment by using recycled cardboard packaging, choosing only fast-growing, common, sustainable hardwoods and ensuring that every part of the wood is used. Smaller pieces are turned into kicksled slats or Christmas ornaments and the smallest bits ending up in their woodstove or wood-drying kiln. All products are tested to meet CPSIA, ASTM, USC and European CE safety standards.

These sleds will appeal to winter sports enthusiasts as well as indulgent boomer families and grandparents with a sense of nostalgia for the “Flexible Flyers” of their childhood. Outside magazine called them “steerable snow rockets.” The New York Times dubbed them “an instant heirloom.”  Patented turning allows Mountain Boy flyers to turn more sharply than conventional flexible flyers and our favorite of this group is the “Classic Flyer.”  Adorable “Pull Sleds” for little ones include another favorite, the “Bambino Classico.”  “Kicksleds” are one-of-a-kind, artistic interpretations of a traditional Nordic design. Each sled is signed and numbered on the bottom by the sledmaker – you can even have your child’s name hand-engraved. Attach the optional “Mushing Package” with welded rings on the front and harness a dog!

There’s so much more to enjoy on their website. Shop for unique Christmas ornaments or the illustrated Sled Book: a brief history of sleds and sledding. We love this website that will have families scampering out of warm beds on cold winter mornings eagerly anticipating classic, timeless fun.