www.myorganizedlife.comMy Organized Life

Nowadays, who doesn’t want to improve productivity, enhance efficiency, reduce stress and have peace of mind.

The Organizing Network, founded in 1999, motivates and helps get you organized. The website is easily navigated with categories focused on self, finance, family, home and work. The Network believes in the importance of integrating these 5 “core life zones” into an organized whole to strengthen families and improve relationships. The Network provides their members with highly useful products – tools like checklists, and finding an expert. Their online store sells how-to organizers and instructional DVDs along with other useful products. The Network not only provides their members with basic principles of organizing, but also offers support, focus and direction with ideas, information, structure, solutions and systems to help create and maintain real value in their member’s lives. This website is well organized itself – they do know how to put into practice what they preach and we recommend you check it out.