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Since 1888, The National Geographic Society has been inspiring people to care about the planet through geography, archaeology, natural science, and promotion of environmental and historical conservation. It is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world.

The National Geographic Kids website is chock-full of fascination and wonder. Parents and grandparents will thoroughly enjoy spending time with their kids and grandkids as they easily navigate through this spectacular 2008 Parents’ Choice Recommended Winner website. They’ll explore wildlife and habitats, including the prehistoric world, through animal and creature features of interactive games, fun facts and videos. Did you know that sloths can sleep up to 20 hours, snowy owls live in the frigid arctic, stingrays are not aggressive, and their stinger or spine is so powerful they can drive it into the side of a large wooden boat?

Interactive cool clicks will have kids collecting trash with the “Kung Fu Trashmaster” and sorting it with “Recycle Gus.” A top game is “The Great Turtle Race,” where kids can track how they place each week as they collect jellyfish to give the turtle energy to win, and avoid obstacles like seaweed that will slow it down. Adventure games include a “Crittercam African Adventure” to help a National Geographic team track lions on the savanna of northern Kenya. Watch videos about snail zombies, Christopher Columbus, or the Guinness Book of World Records. You can even learn new family activities like beach bowling!

“People and Places” will have kids blogging with twins, Louis and India, who live in London and blog their adventures. On the other hand, they may be inspired by breathtaking photos and enter the 2010 International Photography Contest for Kids. Blast off to the kids shop for special occasion shopping, or simply to peruse the irresistible, ultra-cool gifts. Books, DVDs, videos, clothing, maps, gear, gadgets and more will inspire young minds. The Talking Planetarium brings in the night sky by projecting constellations on the ceiling. The Interactive Talking Globe encourages learning about geography and cultures, while Terra Cotta Warrior Excavation Kits enable budding archaeologists to carefully chip away at gypsum rock to reveal the figurine inside. Purchases support National Geographic’s mission of education, research, exploration and conservation of our cultural and natural resources. Logon with the kids and put the fun and fascination back into learning.