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Unleash your inner Cousteau and embark on an environmental odyssey as an ambassador of the environment for a sustainable future.
Eco-minded boomers can get involved and reduce their carbon footprint by walking in the tracks of the Cousteau legacy. Ocean Futures Society, a non-profit marine conservation and education organization, was founded in 1999 by Jean-Michel Cousteau to carry on the pioneering work of his father Jacques Cousteau. Explorer, environmentalist, educator, film producer and multiple awards winner, Jean-Michel has been exploring the ocean since the age of seven.

Boomers can follow the Ocean Futures Society in real time and see where they may be on any given date with their exploring, inspiring and educational programs. Boomer’s kids can explore Kids Cove, a fabulous educational tool, featuring stunning footage of personal experiences of Ocean Futures Society divers. With visual aids, boomers and kids alike can travel down the Amazon River basin with Jean-Michel and his children, Fabien and Celine, and his crew of adventurous oceanauts, or watch the team of expert divers set out to investigate, for the first time, all 13 of our National Marine Sanctuaries and the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands National Marine Monument. Watch Jean-Michel and his team of explorers as they travel to both the northern and southern hemispheres in a quest to seek out killer whales and learn about the Sea Ghosts (belugas) in the cold arctic waters of the far north.

In their “Ambassadors of the Environment” section, you will find several fun, family destinations. While you vacation in these beautiful locales, you can participate in Cousteau programs that are “lessons from nature and culture, using them to explore alternatives for a sustainable future and empowering participants to live more gently on our planet.”

We recommend you check out this website to stay informed on current environmental news from around the world (they are tracking the Gulf oil spill closely right now), sustainable fisheries and sustainable seafood, Ocean Futures Society events and expeditions.