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We boomers intend to flourish and to live agelessly.  Brain training software to help us think faster, focus better, and remember more can help do exactly that.

Posit Science’s commitment to science makes their software stand apart.  Their team designs, tests and refines drug-free programs to address cognitive issues related to healthy aging, as well as a broad range of other conditions, including mild cognitive impairment, and chemo-brain conditions.  They provide effective, non-invasive tools that engage the brain’s natural plasticity.

Among software offered on this site is their Brain Fitness Program, which speeds up and sharpens the auditory system of the brain for faster thinking, sharper focus, and better memory. The InSight Brain Fitness software program does for the visual system of the brain what the Brain Fitness Program does for the auditory system. Not sure which of their programs is right for you? Take the handy-dandy Buyer’s Guide Questionnaire to receive a recommendation based on your answers and zero in on the right one.

Program user, Sue Cutter, told us: “I first learned about Posit Science a few years ago when it was mentioned in a magazine article about mental fitness. I explored their website and enjoyed the Brain Fitness “games.” Since then, I’ve been through both Brain Fitness and the Insight program and have experienced many benefits. The exercises are engaging and it is motivating to see progress. At my annual eye exam, the technician commented about my perfect score on a peripheral vision test – I attribute that to the Bird Watcher exercises in ‘Insight.’ I feel more focused and able to absorb more of what is going on around me.”

There also are nifty interactive brain games you can play. If you play them, you will likely conclude that more exercise for your brain would be a very good thing. This boomer did well on some things and was surprisingly slow on a few others! We recommend you spend more time on this site and peruse the fascinating, informational articles on Brain Facts, Brain Healthy Activities, and Fun Brain Tricks, as well.  We all know brain fitness is part of a healthy lifestyle, and brain-training software might be a great place to start. By bringing science out of the lab and into the world where it can do the most good, Posit Science is helping to change lives.