www.rareseeds.com – Rare Seeds

Do you relish a slower life and have a passion for the pure food movement?  Are you concerned about gene-altered food? Then jump into this website and swim against the river of modern agriculture!  Even armchair gardeners can help rock the food supply by learning to save seed.  Who needs corporate agriculture’s biotech, toxins, patents, lobbyists and lawyers?

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds sells only open-pollinated seeds. Started as a means to preserve heirloom seeds for future generations, Bakersville, is their historic pioneer village in southern Missouri celebrating gardening, local food and old-time living.  Their western outpost, The “Seed Bank” Store, has taken root in Petaluma, California – in the historic Sonoma County National Bank building – a beacon for gardeners, foodies, and eco-conscious shoppers alike.  They have an extensive library for garden writers and The Heirloom Gardener magazine to educate others about heirloom agriculture.

Get your free seed catalog featuring historic vegetables and flowers along with loads of new varieties—tomatoes from Russia, unique wild melons from Africa. The gorgeous pictures alone are worth a looksee.  Check out their website and start preserving history one heirloom seed at a time.