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In 1997, co-founders Loren Shook, James Smith, and Steve Winner opened the Silverado assisted living community in Escondido, CA.  Each brought their own optimism and expertise to their mission to change the way the world views and treats people with Alzheimer’s and other memory impairing diseases. They have created a home that we boomers would want for our own parents, and certainly for ourselves should that time come. With attentive care and compassion, they work to maximize the quality of life of those affected at all stages, while helping family and loved ones understand and transition through the disease and the grieving process.

Trained staff is caring and empathetic to residents’ needs, concerns and fears. Providing an environment which is aesthetically pleasing optimizes the residents’ physical and emotional health, and gives them opportunities for natural social interaction with family, peers, children and pets to keep them interested and involved, relieve boredom and offer them a “life purpose.” Silverado provides three levels of assisted living: Silverado at Home which specializing in at-home care; Silverado Senior Living, offering memory care and assisted living; and, Silverado Hospice end-of-life-care.

Silverado at Home provides a team of geriatric professionals and highly trained home care companions. Regular interaction, oversight, and discussion takes place to assure your loved one receives consistent, quality at-home care.

Award winning Silverado Senior Living provides peace of mind for boomer’s loved ones. They specialize in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy-Body and other related dementias. They’ve provided the best care possible for 13 years with a top notch clinical staff that includes a licensed physician, registered nurse and nurses on staff 24-7 at each of their 20 dementia-specific assisted living communities.

Their extensive safety programs and policies are stringently adhered to in order to protect employees, residents, families, visitors, and vendors. A Geriatric Care Manager is available as a resource and mediator to guide you through the difficult-to-navigate waters around the clock. Financial solutions are available and Silverado will walk you through the options.  We highly encourage everyone needing any of these services to visit this outstanding website whose model of care certainly will have them “the global leader in providing care for chronic disease victims by the year 2020.”