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Where do you go to find a one-stop-shop for your perfect well-being experience?  SpaFinder – the global spa and wellness resource for discerning boomers.

The New York Times cites SpaFinder as a milestone in worldwide spa industry growth. Both Forbes.com and USA Today have chosen it as the best website for spa travel to locations in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Quick to access from the get-go, we especially like the simplicity of the “Find Spas & More” section neatly divided into four categories of Day, Getaway, Medical and even Dental Spas.  Whether you’re gearing up for your first spa visit or your umpteenth, you’ll find heaps of information about spa-going, spa etiquette, product information, industry trends and more in their vast Spa Guide

SpaFinder’s user-friendly locator can have you off to blissland in a mouseclick minute. Enter your zipcode, city, state or country and wellness options for health clubs, yoga and Pilates classes and studios immediately pop-up. Looking for a Day Spa for a quick reality-break?  SpaFinder makes it easy to mine for the location and exact service you’re searching for. Day Spas now offer an endless range of massage and facial treatments, body wraps, and of course, manicures and pedicures. None of us has time to spare. SpaFinder offers the option to select and book treatments online at your fingertips 24/7.

Getaway “spacations”can be a sprawling resort spa or an intimate boutique hotel offering wellness and spa treatments as components of their activities. Many also offer acupuncture, mind/body medicine, naturopathic medicine, nutrition consultation, chemical peels, cellulite treatments, and pre-and post-operative treatments. Most spas provide amenities like childcare and concierge services.

How about a spacation where the Medici family built the first spa and Fonteverde Natural Spa Resort now stands? With a spring-fed pool, sumptuous guest rooms, and gourmet cuisine, the hotel provides luxe-level service once enjoyed by the famous/infamous family. Add to this the utter beauty of Tuscany and a plethora of treatments on offer for both inner and outer beauty and wellness, this is a getaway not to be missed.  We wonder if Medici ghosts still float about.

Medical spas offer treatments administered or overseen by an on-site physician and usually focus on one of two areas: aesthetic enhancement, or wellness. Popular medical treatments include Botox injections, pain management, laser hair removal, chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion, laser spot removal, and cellulite treatments, while wellness areas include sleep-health consultation, nutrition consultation, and executive health screening.

We’ve explored many options and believe this best-in-class website should be at the top of your bookmarks. Whatever your spa end-game, it’s all here on SpaFinder.com – where wellness is taken seriously!