www.thewayfarers.comThe Wayfarers

How do you find the soul of a country? By placing one foot in front of the other along the road less traveled…

All you need is a passion for walking, a stout pair of boots and openness to adventure. The Wayfarers began group hiking in England in 1984 and they’ve turned a simple walk into an innovative and educational experience of a country’s unique culture with historians, naturalists, artisans, and more.

“Louise Halfpenny of San Antonio, Texas who has done 27 Wayfarer walks can attest to that being a strength – “the caliber of people”…who “have a vast knowledge of the area they work and make every effort to share it in a fun and interesting way.  Just last summer we were learning to play the tin whistle on the walk in Northern Ireland. The Wayfarers is a perfect site for planning… is very easy to navigate and…these walks are something anyone in reasonable health and fitness can enjoy.  I plan to keep walking with The Wayfarers for many years to come. In fact, I will be on one called Venice and the Veneto in September and my must-do list is quite long!”

New experiences added each year that capture the essence and sense of place, include 35 destinations and over 85 individual walks to satisfy all tastes. Don’t plan on bunking in at a bare bones hostel though. Wayfarers provide ultra-luxe bed and board along with haute cuisine and world-class wines.

So move down that road less traveled… we promise it will make all the difference!