– Woodward at Copper

The Barn may seem to be a very scary place to most boomers – but the kids LOVE IT! The Barn is the very large building that is “Woodward at Cooper.” It houses many foam pits, some at the bottom of various ski jumps, the highest being 35 feet. There is also a skate/BMX/inline zone that has a huge skate bowl, several jumps, a mini-street course and a 5-foot drop into foam. The gym cross training area gets a lot of use with 6 Olympic grade Flybed trampolines – three that go into foam, and a tumble track into foam. This place is amazing, even breathtaking if you are the observing parent.

We have included the Woodward video, because this is really the only way to fully grasp what they do there.

Woodward at Copper YouTube Video

“Learning how to do flips was much easier than I thought it would be. But, the coolest thing was the ocean of foam. There’s no place like foam!” Erik Short

“My favorite part of Woodward was being airborne mid-flip and looking down into the big blue pit of cushy foam.” Taylor Short

These kids were interviewed a month after their flying-through-the-air-experiences. They can’t wait to return and have researched the various camps Woodward at Copper offers. Here is what they’ve found: Snowboard and ski, as well as skate camps year round,. Woodward at Copper reports that, “A typical day during summer camp will include morning and evening skateboard sessions inside the barn, skate trips to various parks around Colorado.” From the camp brochure it looks like go-karts, bumper cars, pool, Ping-Pong and great meals are in the campers’ future too.

This is not for the faint-of-heart boomer, but it is one of the coolest offerings out there for our budding ski, snowboard, and skateboard enthusiasts!