Since we have been talking about deals, here are some you should certainly know about. As CBSNews reports, we Boomers do enjoy some rewards related to our age. This CBSNews article reviews the discounts available for those of us over 50. They point out how beneficial one’s AARP status can be. You can save on travel, hotels, fitness, clothing, even haircuts!

Another wonderful site, A Traveler’s Library, reports on interesting ways to purchase special gifts. Their overview includes “Passport with Purpose,” an incredible opportunity to make donations towards projects worldwide and for doing so you get to choose from a long list of donated prizes. The prizes include things such as vouchers for travel on Delta or Southwest Airlines, clothing and even electronics.

A Traveler’s Library also provides information on purchases that support women’s centers, such as the one in Thailand that produces TASSA Tags – beautiful cloth luggage tags. Perhaps the largest online resource for gifting that gives back is World Of Good, which is an eBay company that “is the world’s largest marketplace for ethically sourced, eco-friendly products.”

As we age gracefully, we are wise enough to seek meaningful gifts for those on our list. In some cases “meaningful” can relate to the positive effect the purchase has on the underprivileged person or group who provided the product or service. If we continue to find great deals as we shop for what we need, we will be left with more resources to give to those in need.