We’ve talked a lot about the boomer connection to health and vitality. Part of this equation is exercising to maintain overall fitness, especially during the holidays when bombarded by irresistible food and faced with all the time demands. Here are some easy gifting suggestions for fitness buffs and gym rats on your Christmas list. They’ll thank you for keeping them on the road to a healthy New Year.

Whether in a gym or at home, multi-taskers will love the Surf Shelf that attaches to a treadmill. Busy boomers can get a workout, de-stress and stay on top of workloads at the same time. Easy peasy!

A fitness ball is an inexpensive choice for everyone on your list. We tone abs and use it as an office chair-balancing exercise while bouncing away at our laptop. It’s a great stocking stuffer – before you pump it up!

You’ll find more innovative gifts for the outdoorsy person not necessarily interested in eating grass or sleeping rough, but more into creature comforts like the backpack look-a-like solar cooler. It’s a picnic basket, cooler and solar-powered docking station all rolled into a bag. Perfect for the lazy enviro-techno-camper!

There are scads of tech-toys and phone apps out there for active boomers to help keep score and enhance workouts, and we’ve previewed quite a few that make excellent gift choices. Don’t let healthy habits fall by the wayside during the holidays and into the New Year. A great way to squeeze in some cardio work is getting in some laps at the mall before ticking off items on that long shopping list. Then double the fun and treat yourself to a heart healthy lunch afterwards. Now don’t you feel virtuous?