Generally, boomers feel they are 14 years younger than their actual age (The Boomer Consumer, 2007) and we’ve talked a lot about gifting fitness. Many of our parents and grandparents stay active, as well, knowing that along with staying mentally active, physical activity helps fight the natural effects of aging. An innovative gift is a membership to the USA PickleBall Association. PickleBall is a great way for our senior parents to enhance their healthy, active lifestyle. PickleBall, the game with the funny name, is great for the body, mind, and spirit.

Road Scholar is the new program name for Elderhostel and they offer adventure experiences to engage the mildly-active traveler in an active and participatory way. An educational portion with an expert geologist orients you to the geologic processes behind each adventure, and these experiences are wonderful gift ideas. We’ve reviewed other active pursuit sites that make innovative gift gifting a snap.

Don’t forget memberships in the local YWCA & YMCA. Fitness centers and gyms that cater to graying boomers and golden agers is another great gift. Besides keeping fit, it’s a great way to network and socialize, keeping your loved ones active and connected. For those superseniors with the competitive spirit, gift them with a membership to the NSGA so they can participate in the National Senior Games. Our active superseniors are on the Steps to 100, well on their way to becoming “supercentenarians” who personify that living well never gets old!