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Necessity is the mother of invention!

Michael Putnam and Joe Paonessa needed a simple, effective time management system for their family’s home entertainment systems. Michael’s daughter was glued to the television and Joe’s son pulled an all nighter with a video game. Thus, Mikko USA was born! Mikko, a home electronics company that specializes in the development of media control solutions, allows parents to manage the amount of time their children spend on the internet, playing video games, or watching television.

Research shows that home internet monitoring should start as soon as the child learns to use a computer. Once a child learns to turn on the computer (37% of children age 4-6 can turn on a computer by themselves), they don’t want to turn it off and will simply jump back on the computer once your back is turned. Home internet monitoring 24/7 is impossible for busy parents who are juggling work and family needs. But, not anymore! The MIKKO Que is a timing system that enables parents to manage and monitor the amount of time a child may spend on a particular entertainment system. How about this for an effective, non-confrontational solution all wrapped up into one device!

Boomer parents and grandparents can program the time limits for each media with a timekey.   We love the super easy 3-step-process to limit hours kids spend surfing the internet, watching TV, and playing Xbox (or Playstation, Wii, etc.) Boomer kids will have the benefit of their own timekey which controls each media, the time allowed for usage, and time of day it can be accessed, including their very own custom media access schedule. The Mikko Que is a great teaching tool to instill in your child the value of time management and technology from a very early age. Honing their time management skills helps kids balance homework and chores, thereby freeing up more playtime outdoors. The result is a healthier lifestyle and a more well rounded child. Imagine too, being able to enjoy more family time once again, and the kids experiencing the joys of just being a kid –  how delightful!