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Your path to body-mind-spirit well-being!

Pilates Anytime is an online studio launched on New Years Day 2010 by co-founders Kristi Cooper White, Ted Johnson, and John Marston. Pilates Anytime delivers world-class instruction anywhere and at anytime to the comfort of your own home which eliminates scheduling conflicts and non-access to studios. Pilates has been around for about 100 years and begins with action that can be physically intense or physically restorative. Pilates provides a pathway to greater understanding of both self and spirit, through movement and breath, which taps into the core of body-mind-spirit wellness.

Boomer students can explore the work of Joseph Pilates within the discipline that varies in tempo, sequencing, and breathing from instructors that focus on centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow. This allows students to become more aware, balanced, efficient, and harmonious with life. Students have access to a library of beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes ranging from 5 to 90 minutes of full body mat workouts, or 15 minute abdominal supplements. Pilates Anytime films real classes with real students allowing online students to reap the benefits.

Programs are taught by regular, distinguished, and visiting instructors in the categories of Romana’s Pilates®, which is Classical or True Pilates maintaining adherence to Joseph Pilates’ original work. BASI Pilates® and Pilates Conservatory™ are contemporary programs that maintain the essence of Pilates while allowing for evolution. Rehabilitative is used primarily for acute and chronic injury.

How it works. Begin by choosing your pace from moderate, deliberate, or accelerated. Then pick the duration you desire from 5-90 minutes and any props you wish to use such as a fitness ball, foam roller, hand weights, jump board, magic circle, over ball, Pilates pole, the Strap, and Theraband. Choose your level from the beginner at level 1 to the pro at level 3, pick your instructor, and your apparatus of either mat, reformer for the professionals, and Wunda chair. You are now ready to rock and roll. When done methodically and consistently, Pilates offers tremendous rewards by strengthening your core, improving posture, and toning muscles leaving you refreshed and energized.

We highly recommend this innovative website that provides ease and convenience on your journey to achieve harmony and connection to your mental and physical centers. Experience synchronicity of the body-mind-spirit on your path to living well and long!