Fresh. Local. Pure. Simple.

Everyone deserves fresh food grown through sustainable practices. From preservation of your taste buds to preservation of the environment, sustainably-raised food is the way to go. Something to keep in mind while shopping for holiday meals.

Choose fresh over factory-farmed. That means organic, if available. Yes, organic is slightly more expensive but the benefit is enhanced flavor and toxin-free food. Print and follow the “Top 12 Fruits and Vegetables You Should Buy Organic” list.

The great wheel turns. Buying local is a sustainable practice. Here’s a steal of a great idea. Start a “shop local effort” in your community or neighborhood by handing out a note with a $2 bill. Spend the $2 bill at local businesses before Christmas (not on bills) and pitch the merits of shopping locally to the recipient of the cash. Have the note say something like, “pass it on – spend this $ at another local business to help keep our community strong.”

Now that is sustainability in action. You gotta love it!