Because most Americans still eat more processed food than fresh, there’s plenty of room for improvement. We’ve blogged a lot about nutrition, health and wellness. However, can busy boomers on-the-go grab a quick bite at a food stand and still eat healthy? Absolutely!

Even in wintry places, street food vendors across the country are embracing the “slow food” movement. Many are boomers reinventing themselves into meaningful other careers and taking it to the streets. These mobile entrepreneurs provide sustainably-grown, organic ingredients beyond the confines of upscale restaurants. Their pride and passion for artisanal food fuels their go-to venues for quick, tasty fare that doesn’t blast a hole in one’s health or environmental ethos.

Many vendors operate seasonally. Some of the vendors offer online shopping, like Let’s Be Frank, which sells grass-fed beef hot dogs from carts and trucks in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Many are tech savvy and use social media to maximize their business, and they tweet their locations.

From savory to sweet street food, vendors offer fare from around the globe and across the food spectrum to sidewalk foodies. “The Oscars of food for the real New York” according to Chef Mario Batali, the Vendy Awards, are an annual competition for the title of Best Street Food Vendor. Winners included Greek food, organic vegan cuisine and pastries, falafel and shawarma, and all natural slush beverages customizable with real fruit puree or fresh herb mix-ins.

Local-sustainable-organic street food will continue to grow. For a nation on-the-go, customers can get their food in a way that’s delicious, local, and healthy – a win-win-win!