In the weeks leading up to Christmas, it’s been all about gifting for others. Now come the sales!

  • With bargains galore it’s time to get out and score.
  • Post-holiday sales are all about steals, deals and more.

After Christmas clearance sales offer deep discounts so it makes sense to shop ahead for planning ahead. Lucky you if there’s an area in your basement or an empty closet to store the goods. Now is the time to stock up on wrapping supplies, decorations, energy-saving Christmas lights, toys, craft supplies for projects throughout the year, and household goods like candles, dish towels and more. You’ll be ready for upcoming birthdays, baby showers and other gifting occasions. Don’t forget the online discounts offered, as well.

Make time for slow time! Many of us have additional time off during this long holiday. Here’s an idea: plan to hang around home and take in all things local! Use the opportunity to play with family and friends. See all the latest movies, eat out at your favorite slow-food restaurants. Take in the community theatre performances and concerts. Hit the local shops, art museums and galleries. At night, drive through the neighborhoods, as most are still decorated for Christmas. Visit historical sites in your area. Take a factory tour for a reminder about American ingenuity and to see what’s going on in your own backyard.

How about taking a day-trip to an off-the-beaten-path oddity in your own state. Stay at a bed and breakfast for a break from hotel sameness. Most of us busy boomers fly from point A to point B with no time or opportunity to explore the backroads around us. Think simple pleasures. Read a book. Take a walk, get in a few reps at the gym or swim a few laps at the indoor pool nearby. If you live in wintry climes, hit the local slopes, ice rink or sledding hill.

Above all, with Christmas behind us all, it’s now time to enjoy the week’s countdown to the New Year.