Create the good and volunteer your time for someone else’s health!

A recognized leader in the health and well-being industry, UnitedHealthcare is an operating division of UnitedHealth Group.  UnitedHealthcare delivers innovative products and services to approximately 70 million Americans with a nationwide network that includes over 600,000 physicians and health care professionals, 80,000 dentists and 5,000 hospitals with a pharmaceutical management program. Through their United Volunteers program (, more than 70 percent of their employees volunteered last year and have responded to floods in the Midwest, hurricanes in the South, wildfires on the West Coast, earthquake victims in China, cyclone victims in Myanmar, and recently their legal staff provided nearly 600 hours of free legal services in underserved communities.

Through their collaboration with the “Entertainment Industry Foundation” and the highly acclaimed, “I Participate” campaign, UnitedHealthcare is making a difference at the grassroots level. VolunteerMatch or skills-based volunteering matches an individual’s unique talent to a specific community need.  Baby boomers also might want to think about the amazing fringe benefits of volunteerism.  Research has shown that volunteering can lower blood pressure, increase endorphin production, enhance the immune system, and buffer the impact of stress.

Volunteering improves quality of life by raising self-esteem, encouraging new friendships, and may actually increase life expectancy. What could be better than that? Volunteer efforts can be big or small. You can even become an online virtual volunteer. Research volunteer organizations online to see what opportunities are available that feel right for you. Visit volunteer locations and talk to the volunteers to see if that locale offers opportunities that fit your interests. Contact your local hospitals, libraries, churches, schools, youth organizations, museums, and parks for opportunities that may suit your skills, expertise, and availability. UnitedHealthcare’s guide will help you get started in spreading the spirit with tools, tips, stories, and ideas about how you can volunteer in your community. So what are you waiting for?  Log onto this important website to find out about opportunities in your area and get involved!