This does not mean hire a hit man for your sibling!

Here are some tips based on the list of time wasters mentioned in the previous blog. These are geared toward the work place, but certainly can be useful at home as well. In which case, dealing effectively with TV, video games, surfing the Web, FaceBook and other social media distractions is clearly missing.


  • Are supplies accessible? Is your work area cluttered?
  • Only touch a piece of paper or email once! Act on it, file it, or throw it away!
  • Write it down NOW and in one place.
  • Practice completing a task before moving to the next.
  • Have a good filing system (paper as well as electronic) and clean them out periodically – monthly, quarterly?
  • Be able to fully utilize the resources of your daily planner (i.e. Outlook)


  • Set a start and end date
  • Set up a reward system
  • Do it first (or at least during your energy peak)
  • Break jobs into small pieces – eat the elephant one bite at a time!
  • Do it NOW!

Just say NO

  • Give an alternative time to do “it”
  • Give another solution

Visitors / Meetings

  • Stand up for meetings intended to be brief
  • Keep objectives clear / Stay focused
  • Have a time-keeper

Telephone Calls

  • Limit social conversations while busy or at work
  • End the conversation politely
  • Delegate calls that you personally don’t need to handle
  • Designate certain times to make calls and to respond to messages


  • Designate certain times to check and respond to email
  • Have spam email filtered to a separate file
  • Alert friends/relatives/peers NOT to forward jokes, social emails if they are sucking up your time – or file them in another folder for viewing later.
  • Get off of unnecessary “cc” lists.
  • Create relevant folders and route read email to the appropriate folder
  • Open it, act on it, file it, or delete it.
  • If a quick response is needed – do it & delete, or file
  • If response is needed, but not the best use of your time – forward/delegate, or leave for day-end email session