Parents are role models for their kids. Stands to reason. If parents engage in unhealthy behaviors, you can be pretty dang sure the kids will follow this pattern.

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of action, motion and engagement to avoid a “long decline” to old age. There’s a lot of scientific flip-flopping about what’s good for us and what isn’t. A good indicator to whether your family is fit or fat is the B.M.I. It is a gauge of total body fat, which is a good place to start.

You now have a basic guideline for whether you need to lose weight or not. Unless you’ve been living in some other galaxy, you have to know that exercise and diet are common denominators for fitness. We’ve focused on nutrition as a major contributor to overall wellness and it’s a good idea to make food choices from the USDA Food Pyramid. Moderation is key – extreme fad diets simply do not work long-term.

Because we’re deep into the wintry months, we’ve previously talked about outdoor sports like skiing for fitness fun. Remember, over-exercising at first will cause major setbacks. Ease into it. We like the idea of a family fitness gaming challenge using wii sports which provides 5 different sport experience workouts (golf, baseball, basketball, tennis & bowling), or the newest Nintendo’s wii fit plus (strength training, yoga, balance training & aerobics) that you can all do together at home. Make a chart, keep track of scores and crown the king/queen of family fitness. Also chart the B.M.I. to track for most improved body!

We applaud baby boomers who set the example for our progeny of full, rich lives built on a foundation of fitness. Don’t be a slug, find a resource that appeals to you and get started!