Realizing your goals requires you to prioritize, organize and focus – on a daily basis.

PRIORITIZE – Establish your priorities (goals, daily objectives). A goal may be to lose 10 pounds, and therefore your daily objectives are to eat “x” calories, exercise “Y” minutes a day…etc. (goals, daily objectives)

ORGANIZE – Plan / Schedule the use of your time

  • Include room for the unexpected
  • Eliminate or reduce distractions
  • Optimize your peak energy time – chart your energy cycle
  • Eliminate unnecessary and inappropriate activities
  • Delegate
  • Check usefulness of routines
  • Keep work area organized

FOCUS – Keep your eye on your plan and priorities

  • Ensure all efforts lead to your goal(s)
  • Control procrastination – begin habits of persistence

Procrastination is the archenemy of realizing your potential. It may be a habit for you. Procrastination is a complex behavior that is related to many issues; among them are timeliness, low priority issues, and deadline dread. Procrastination has three main foundations:

  • As a symptom – ex: of self doubt or fear of success
  • As a defense – ex: fear of failure
  • As a problem habit – without much conscience forethought

Overcoming procrastination takes a real desire to change. One must really want to stop derailing their efforts toward success and meeting goals. You must identify diversions and establish substitutes to those actions. Check out this Psychology Today article for more background on this touchy subject.

Here are some tips for a course of action for an impending procrastination derailment:

  1. PAUSE – Stop! – observe feelings/actions/thoughts
  2. SURPRESS – Do not move forward
  3. REFLECT – Recognize the sabotage…”I am doing this because…”
  4. REVISE – Choose a better plan – redirect…
  5. ACT – Choose to get back on track – move forward!