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Adventure with a conscience and sense of purpose.

The term “Biosphere” was coined in 1929, and is “the part of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere occupied by living things.” The idea for Biosphere Expeditions was literally born in the shower by “uberboomer”  Dr. Matthias Hammer, a wilderness medical officer, ski instructor, mountain leader, divemaster, survival skills instructor and currently an amateur marathon runner and Ironman triathlete, who was looking for a way to combine his training as a biologist with some real-life, hands-on conservation work.

Biosphere Expeditions are not tours, photographic safaris or excursions, but are genuine research and voluntourism expeditions. They bridge the gap between scientists and enthusiastic laypeople and their three key themes are safety, science and satisfaction. They offer 2-week expeditions and 1-week projects, as well as “taster weekends” for a quick dip into expedition life before committing to the real thing. Once committed, your expedition will have you exploring fascinating parts of the world and having fun while making a difference. There aren’t fitness or age restrictions (the oldest expedition member so far was 87!) and the necessary skills are taught as part of the expeditions, but you’ll want to select a volunteer expedition that is realistically achievable. Teams are small and there is an expedition leader present at all times. A big plus for boomers and their families is that two-thirds of your cost goes directly into your conservation project, thus funding it long-term and sustainably.

One-week projects are true wildlife research and conservation expeditions such as in the Azores with whales, dolphins, turtles; in the coral reef of Musandam; or the coral reef and whale sharks in Maldives. Two-week expeditions include surveys of the snow leopards and other animals in the mountains of the Altai Republic of Central Asia; or the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil to study jaguars, pumas, ocelots and other species, among many other options.  Perhaps a SCUBA diving conservation volunteer holiday safeguarding the world’s second largest reef system in the middle of the Cayos Cochinos Natural Monument in the Caribbean off the coast of Honduras is more your style. You’ll participate in a survey and data collection program called Reef Check. The expedition also includes training as a Reef Check EcoDiver.  This expedition does require full diver certification – minimum PADI Open Water or equivalent.

Biosphere Expeditions was recently awarded “Best Volunteering Organization” at the acclaimed “First Choice Responsible Tourism Awards” in London and “Highly Commended” in the “Best for Protection of Endangered Species.”  If you’re looking for a way to give back unlike any tourist or ecotourist ever has, then Biosphere Expeditions is for you. We recommend this gorgeous-to-look at website to those seeking to “Go beyond the Everyday” and experience conservation in action.  Our bags are packed!