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Consider the gift you could give yourself and your loved ones – the story of you or your loved one’s history, the lessons learned and the values you want to pass on. Life History Services is a professional life history recording service for individuals, families, businesses, institutions and organizations wishing to preserve their unique stories and history in audio, video, print and multimedia formats. Life History Services was founded in 1996 by Anita Hecht, LCSW, who holds degrees in history and clinical social work, is a licensed psychotherapist, and first began recording oral histories with Steven Spielberg’s Visual History Foundation of the Holocaust, in English, Spanish and German. Since 1996, Life History Services has created over 300 archives across North America for a great diversity of families and institutions.

Here’s how it works. Baby boomers and their families work with Ms. Hecht to determine the format, scope, narrator(s), and budget of their life history project. Projects can vary from individual and family histories that celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or life cycle events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs and retirements to multiple-narrator archives which pay tribute to loved ones no longer living. Projects also may chronicle the development of a family business, a civic organization or a meaningful historic event. Format options are varied, as well. You might choose to produce a set of videotaped life history interviews, a beautifully written and designed narrative memoir, or a collection of audio interviews with several narrators, with accompanying transcripts and precious photographs.

After defining your project, pre-interview meetings are conducted with Ms. Hecht. These meetings help both the narrator and the interviewer prepare for the subsequent recorded interviews. Recorded interview sessions are designed and conducted over several days or weeks, depending on the scope of the project.

Next comes the post-production phase, expertly handled by Life History Services. Raw interview footage is brought into the latest digital editing platforms. Skilled writers, video and audio editors, craft the interviews into a unique, heirloom archive that will be treasured for generations to come. Each step of the editing process is discussed and approved by the client. Interviews are normally delivered in their entirety as well.

For those do-it-yourselfer boomers, Life History Services offers project planning services, coaching and interview consultation, as well as post-production editing and archiving services.

We encourage everyone to visit this website that provides an opportunity to honor connections to the past by capturing the stories to treasure forever.