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Did you train your brain today!

Mind360, founded by Danny Aboody, is an online interactive brain game environment. Mind360 provides scientific-based cognitive training activities that are designed to strengthen memory, attention, thinking and reasoning, visual perception, and executive functions. Mind360 has teamed up with leading cognitive psychologists and top-of-the-line online game designers. The result?  Innovative, cutting-edge, online cognitive training to enhance and maintain mental fitness. Mind360 has a member community that spans 20 countries.

Mind360’s user-friendly interface, great graphics and games engage boomers and seniors to maximize potential, and heighten and expand mental and physical capacities with daily 10-minute brain workouts. Under the guidance of an online personal coach who provides support and performance feedback, rapid progress builds greater self esteem and overall quality of life is ensured.

To start, discover your cognitive strengths and weaknesses (ugh!) with the Assessment Program that allows you to create your cognitive profile and determine which brain training games are best for you. The Training Room is where you access your personal training program. A good place to start is the Beginner Program that will design, boost, and sharpen your cognitive skills quickly and effectively while addressing your critical skills (or lack) and then maximize effectiveness with brain training exercises. Once you’ve mastered this program you will be ready to move on to the Advanced Program.

Social interaction comes into play with the Challenge feature where you can challenge existing and new friends to compete in games. I played the executive function Drink Water.The challenge is to select the correct choice from right and wrong alternatives that are thrown at you and you need to be fast. I enjoyed the challenge and found myself getting better each time I played. Scrabble lovers will enjoy the Wordseek Race where you create words from a group of tiles. Each tile has a value, so you want to create long words with high value because this is a competition.  I found this to be great fun, as well. Forums allow users to communicate directly with in-house cognitive psychologists, submit questions and comments and get answers and information on the cognitive science world.

We encourage everyone looking to make fast and effective decisions, increase your productivity, improve your concentration, and sharpen your memory to visit this website. Keep your mind active and have fun in the process.